Ganga Choti Bagh Kashmir

Panjal Mastan

By Ajk.pkhan - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Delightful green valleys, meadows with flowers, alpine lakes, bubbling rivers, white hills and golden maple leaves peeping from the soft layers of snow! It is all so evident that so many religions have found source for inspiration at the Himalayan foothills of Kashmir. Nestling in the lap of the dazzling, snow-capped Himalayas, the Kashmir valley is undoubtedly a jewel on earth. An inspiration for art, music and poetry, Kashmir is also a honey-mooners paradise, a nature lovers wonderland 

Sudhan Gali is a village located in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir. It lies on the main road that connects the district Bagh to Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir and also connects the town of Chikkar with Bagh city. Sudhan gali is located at the height of 7000 feet. 

 This beautiful, scenic place attracts hundreds of tourists from all over Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.Other well known places in Sudhan Gali include Rasheed Shaheed Cricket Ground located in Copra and Khala But. Sudhan Gali is famous for its hiking trails that lead to Ganga Choti(Peak), a mountain peak about 10200 feet high and one of the most famous tourist attractions in AJK. 

Ganga Choti is a scenic peak in village Bani Minhasan in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir, The area's natural beauty is at its peak from April to August. Ganga Choti is approachable from Sudhan Gali, Dist Bagh. It takes aprox 4 hrs to reach at the top. It is 9,989 feet(3044mt) high. It is an attraction for tourists in that area and is situated in the Pir Panjal Range. 
Sudhan Gali is located at the height of 7000 feet. This beautiful, scenic place attracts hundreds of tourists from all over Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. This scenic spot also serves as a base camp for those interested in hiking/Trekking to the nearby 3045 meters high mountain ” Ganga Choti”. Sudhan Gali is also home to some of the rarest forests in the region containing pine trees that are hundreds of years old. 


 Day 1: Leave from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad Via Kohala.Arrival in Muzaffarabad Leave Muzaffarabad to Sudhan Gali check in at Guesthouse 
Day 2: Visit to Ganga Choti and befor evening Leave from Sudhan Gali to Muzaffarabad and Night Stay at Muzaffarabad. 
Day 3: Drive back to Islamabad.


DAY 1 (April 8, 2017 Saturday) 
Departure from Islamabad : 8:00 am  
Tea Break at Murree on the way 
Lunch at Muzzaffarabad City. 
Tea Break at Chikaar on the way 
Arrival at Sudhan Galli 
Dinner and night stay in Hotel 
PLACES TO VISIT ON DAY 1 : Muzzaffarabad, Garhi Dopata, Chikaar and Sudhan Galli 

DAY 2 (April 9, 2017 Sunday) 
Breakfast : 7:00 Am 
07:30 Am: Start of Hike towards Ganga-Choti 
Summit Ganga Choti 
Refreshment (Biscuits and Cold Drinks) will be served at Summit 
Retrace steps towards Sudhangali. 
03.00-05.00PM: Lunch at Bagh City 
Drive to Islamabad  
Arrival and drop at Islamabad.